Queensland Islands, Resorts and Island Holidays and Vacations

Heron Island Resort

The Queensland islands are the home of some of the worlds leading holiday resorts. Queensland’s coastline runs from latitude 11degrees south to latitude 28 degrees south so there is a large climate change over the length of the state. This means that there is always an island resort on the Queensland coast that will always be enjoying a sunny and warm climate no matter what time of year it is. During the southern winter southerners from Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide flock to Queensland to enjoy the warm sunny weather that the island resorts along the Queensland coastline enjoy. This especially applies to the islands of the Whitsundays region and those in tropical north Queensland. During the summer months when the wet season takes over in the north, the southern islands like Moreton Island, Stradbroke Island, Fraser Island and Lady Elliot Island are the most popular.

The Whitsunday Islands resorts are some of the most popular in the world. This archipelago consists of 74 beautiful islands surrounded by the calm waters of the Great Barrier Reef, beautiful bays, sensational beaches and pine tree covered slopes and hillsides. It is an absolute holiday paradise and enjoyed by resort goers and yachtsmen alike. There is a huge bare boat charter industry in the Whitsundays with boats available for hire from Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour and Hamilton Island marina.

Daydream Island Resort

The resort industry is well established. The most popular resort is the one on Hamilton Island. Here places like Qualia resort and the Reef View Hotel provide fantastic accommodation and all the services you would expect of a great resort. It also has one of the best golf courses in Australia. Hamilton Island also has its own domestic jet airport and has it become the main point of entry for the entire Whitsundays Island region. Hayman Island resort, Daydream Island resort, Long Island and Brampton Island also have popular resorts on them which are all within a short ferry ride of Hamilton Island or Airlie Beach.

In the far north of Queensland are a range of fantastic Queensland islands with excellent resorts. In the far north is Lizard Island with its fantastic fishing and diving. Green Island, Dunk Island and Bedarra Island all have well known resorts and some rival the most exclusive in the world. Orpheus Island is also popular with the affluent end of town who enjoy good food and wine and relax in a place that is separated from the pressures of the outside world. Most of the north Queensland islands are either on a coral cay, right on the Great Barrier Reef or within a close cruising range for those who want to visit.

Lizard Island Resort

The giant sand islands of southern Queensland are absolutely fascinating. Magnificent lakes and dense rainforest coupled with fantastic beaches and fishing, combine to make them extremely popular tourist destinations. Some, like Fraser Island are listed on the World Heritage register. Moreton Island and Stradbroke Island form the outer barrier of Moreton Bay and the city of Brisbane lies on the western side of this bay. These two islands provide a relaxing holiday destination that is practically right in the center of Australia’s third largest city.

No matter where about in the world you come from, you will be delighted if you choose one of the Queensland Islands Australia for your next holiday.

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